Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society (FARS) is very thankful to a number of people and organizations for their generous help in putting together the "GREAT CANADIAN AIRCRAFT ENGINE EXCHANGE"

The towns of St. Anthony and Stephenville, NL - without their act of generosity the whole exchange would not have happened.

Roger Penny of St. Anthony - the last pilot to fly Canso FIZU when he flew it into St. Anthony - for all his assistance contacting St. Anthony on behalf of FARS.

The Town of Fairview and Municipal District of Fairview No. 136, for their interest and support of the project and  their willingness to provide greetings and show appreciation to the Towns of St. Anthony and Stephenville, NL, on behalf of FARS.

Chris Eakin, of the Fairview Post, for his great interest and coverage of the Canso project.

Alvin Gregorash and Aero Recip of Winnipeg, Manitoba for supplying a runout Pratt and Whitney 1830 engine to FARS for use in the exchange.

All the volunteers who worked so hard preparing the exchange engines for the trip to Newfoundland.

Harvey McKechnie and Glen Shoemaker for building the crate/billboard to house the trailing edge part of the wing.

Lori Steinke, from Signs by Lori, for the wonderful graphic work on the "Great Canadian Aircraft Engine Exchange" traveling billboard. 

and many, many more that will be mentioned as time permits............