Canso PBY-5A C-FNJE started its life as RCAF11094 and had its first flight in 1943 as a patrol bomber during WWII.  After the War, it was converted for civilian use, mostly as a water bomber to help fight forest fires first in Newfoundland and later in western Canada.  In 2001,while fighting fires in the Inuvik, NWT area, it started taking on water while loading and sank in about 100 feet of water.  It was floated to the surface and pulled to the north east shore of Sitidgi Lake where the engines were removed and salvaged.  The aircraft, according to the Aviation Safety Network, was written off.

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Going Down - FNJE sank in 90 feet of water in Sitidgi Lake, about 40 km east of Inuvik, NWT

Check out the You Tube links below to see a little of the salvage operation for FNJE near Sitidgi Lake, NWT in April 2008 - more to follow
Click this link to see the Aviation Safety Network Report on the Accident: 

Click this link to se the Aviation Safety Network Report on the Accident: