You Tube :  Henry Dechant explains the process of putting fabric on the stabilizer extension
Rudder repaired, primed and ready for taping.  Tape is used to cover all rivits prior to fabric covering.
Extensions all primed, taped and ready to cover with fabric
Floyd Stromstedt, our fabric leader, appying tape.
Don Wieben and Norbert Luken discuss project
Part of the Wednesday night Fabric Crew - from left, Floyd Stromstedt, Robert Lawrence, Henry Dechant and Norbert Luken (this is Norbert's shop)
Ed Dechant, neighbor and new Canso Crew member, applying primer.
preparing the paint booth - plastic draped around a double floor crane about 14'LX8'WX12'H - then ventilated through an outside wall (should work)
Starting the fabric covering
Canso Crew starting on the fabric
Canso Fabric Crew at Norbert Lukens shop - February 2011
Canso Fabric Crew - Left to right:  Norbert Luken, Floyd Stromstedt, Alex Mullink, Robert Lawrence, Neil Bukert, Ed Dechant
Robert Lawrence hard at work.
These are from last Wednesday Canso Night March 2nd  - putting the polybrush over the tape that covers the rivets and sharp edges on the rudder.
Don Wieben working on the the rudder.
Doug Roy, left, applies the Polly Brush to the almost finished rudder, middle - Norbert Luken, right - Floyd Stromstedt
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Fabric Slide Show
If you want to know more about aircraft rib stitching on fabric surfaces watch You Tubes Videos below .   Great Demonstratons!
New Photos!
New Photos!
Video Right: Robert Lawrence and Henry Dechant of the Fabric Crew talk about the final steps taken in the re-covering with fabric, applying poly-brush and coats of silver, white and orange paint on the elevators and rudder of Canso FNJE
Replacing the fabic on the control surfaces is going very well - YouTube videos below show Robert Lawrence, Don Wieben, Henry Dechant and Brian Wilson moving an elevator into the spray booth. The second video shows Robert putting the final layer of polyspray on the rudder of FNJE 
First coat of silver paint on the stabilizer extensions!  
Above: Part of the Fabric Crew for FNJE finally finished fabric work on the control surfaces - from left: Henry Dechant, Don Wieben, John Campbell, Doug Roy and Robert Lawrence (chief painter)  
The elevators and rudder of Canso FNJE in the background
Don Wieben in the foreground, Norbert appears to be ironing Floyd's shoulder!
Robert Lawrence, Floyd Stromstad and Norbert Luken
Henry Dechant and Doug Roy appear to be doing all the work!
John Campbell and Don Wieben putting on a coat of polybrush.
Old fabric saved as a pattern.
Moving day for the new fabric surfaces - going to the other shop.
2011 Photos - at the Fabric Shop!
This page is dedicated to work involved in the replacement of fabric on all the control surfaces of C-FNJE.  Nearly all the fabric was damaged during either the accident, the salvage from Sitidgi Lake, NWT or during transport of the aircraft some 2500 km to Fairview.

Throughout the winter of 2010/11, the Canso Crew spent many fun-filled hours preparing, covering and painting the rudder and  elevators of the Canso.  

This winter, 2011/12, the Crew is back to work on the two ailerons. Many new photos to follow (the newest at the top)

Definition - ai•le•ron (noun):  a hinged flap on the trailing edge of an aircraft wing, used to control banking movements