We will keep updating this page with various restoration photos - we hope to show the various stages of the rebuilding progress and the people making it happen.

the Canso Crew

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Henry Dechant checking out the repairs to the nose section
replacement pieces being built by Mark Bach
Making parts
John Campbell and Henry Dechant building a sling to store the rudder, after it gets new fabric.
Don and Norbert checking out the tail section
FNJE wing removed and sitting on a dolly wheel in the second shop
Neil taking out the pilot side window for replacement or polishing
Mark Bach fitting replacement skins in the nose of FNJE
new skins rolled out on the english wheel - it does work well even if it is "pink"
Mark Back making new skins, with the help of Max, the Wilson's dog.
New skins
Looking down into the cockpit of FNJE
There was a need - a need for an English Wheel to roll out sheet material to build special parts - so Brian Wilson dug out this old C-Frame, off an abandoned cat, and built one!
The Pink Panther strikes again!  What is this world coming to Brian?
Don Wieben and Henry Dechant working on the pylon April 2010
Sometimes fabric just needs replacing.
Norbert Luken and Robert Lawrence working on the elevator on FNJE
FNJE without it's tail feathers.
Repairs in the nose wheel door area.
Looking deep into the tail area.
heater fuel tank from nose section
aft tie-down hook being used to hold back the aircraft  with a second truck was broken while transporting FNJE down the icy road to the MacKenzie River
Water loading tubes for pickup on the go while fighting forest fires.