Things are coming together 
very well, however, as with 
every salvage project several 
special parts and pieces will be 
required.  If you know where 
to locate any of the parts listed 
below or where a PBY Canso 
might be located for 
parts - please let us know!

Thanks for your help.
The Canso Crew

Parts needed:
* Right & left wing tip floats (got them)
* Verticle drive shaft for wing floats
* Right front wing strut (got it!)
* Nose wheel doors (got them)
* RH forward windshield (co-pilot) (got it!)
* Nose door pivot tubes
* Right wing trailing edge sections (got them)
* Right wing outboard leading edge (got it)
* Right hand aileron (got it)
* Float retract motor
* Pratt & Whitney R1830 - 92 engines (yes!!)
* Propellers (got them)
* Main wheel tire
* Anchor nut strips for wing tank covers
* Voltage regulators
* Reverse current relays
* Fwd hull mooring cleats (got them)
* Flight engineer's seat (in pylon)

                               - click on photos to enlarge -

It turns out we urgently need a trim tab control rod end for the elevator of FNJE, as shown below.  If anyone has a spare or knows where we might obtain one please contact Don Wieben on his cell at 1 (780) 835-7787

The Canso Crew will be installing the elevators in the very near future.  Thanks