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Canso Crew mets with the Canadian Aviation Historic Society (CAHS)

by Doug Roy on 03/20/11

A few months ago we received an invitation from CAHS, Calgary Chapter, to speak to their group about the rescue and restoration of the Canso FNJE.  It seemed like a great opportunity to spread the word and and meet with a group of fellow historic aircraft enthusiasts.  Last Thursday Don Wieben and Henry Dechant travelled to Calgary and attended the CAHS meeting and made a presentation.  Don and Henry were very pleased with the time spent in Calgary.

Below is email from Henry regarding their visit.   

Hi Doug, 

The meeting and presentation went very well.  Don and I joined some 40 to 50 enthusiastic members of the Canadian Aviation Historic Society on Thursday March 17th at the Art Smith Aero Centre of SAIT in Calgary.  The President and Chairman Richard de Boer conducted the business of the organization in the first half hour of the meeting and this consisted mainly of short reports from several members on activities and achievements.  This group is also heavily involved in the proposed restoration of a WWII mosquito aircraft for display purposes.  The Calgary Mosquito Society has been formed to conduct the project.  Their website is 

Our presentation was very well received.  The savethecanso video presentation was shown and with the additional photos the allotted time went by very quickly.  A couple of points which I observed were:  The savethecanso 'brand' has taken hold as it was used on a few occasions, also our project is being held up as an example of what can be achieved with determination and focus.   Our success with the retrieval and transporting of FNJE from the Arctic down to Fairview was regarded as an exceptional achievement.  We received gratitude and admiration for our achievements so far. 

Receiving this kind of credit and publicity should be extremely rewarding for us.

The CAHS also has a website:, we could put their site on our site as a link.



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