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Canso FNJE gets a JATO!

by Doug Roy on 02/22/11

What's a JATO?

JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off) rockets came in many types and were used to shorten the takeoff of aircraft in short field or overload conditions. They were among the first practical applications of rocketry, and much early development of rocket technology by JPL, Aerojet, Goddard, and others was devoted to JATO applications.

1943 May 1 - . Launch Vehicle: JATO.

  • JATO tests. - . Nation: USA. Summary: A PBY Catalina (same as a Canso), fitted with two liquid-propellant JATO rockets developed at Annapolis, took off with 20 percent reduction in run. Liquid-propellant JATO was abandoned by Navy in 1944.

Where did we get a JATO? 
I recently received this interesting email from Tom Steele, who lives near  Edmonton, Alberta:  

I remember the first write up in the Edmonton Journal about the retrieval mission. I just found out a few months ago about the website. I check it every week now. I have something of interest for you guys, I live at Cooking Lake, south east of Edmonton. one day while snowmobiling on the lake I found two spent jato's. One of them still had the charge in it. The military took that one but I still have the other one. I showed it to an ex military pilot that flew canso's. He said they were off a canso. He  himself did a jato take off. he said it was the scariest  take off ever. Hopefully this summer I'll make a trip to Fairview and drop it off, that is if you would like to have it.   cheers   Tom

Of course, I said YES, we would really like to have the Jato for our yet to be established Air Museum. 

 We look forward to meeting Tom next summer and giving him a tour of the project..

Check out the photos that Tom sent on the front page.

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