Fabric work main focus for FNJE : Save the Canso - Update
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Fabric work main focus for FNJE

by Doug Roy on 02/04/11

Great progress is being made on the fabric work at the Canso Crew shop.  Check out a few new photos on the first page slide show.  I received the following note from Don Wieben with an update on the work: 

Did 3-4 hrs rib stitching this evening and Norbert got fabric glued on the 2nd stabilizer tip. About 5 ribs left to stitch on the first elevator. Kind of nice, relaxing work. 

 Tonight's episode of "Ice Pilots" had one of Joe McBryan's sons in South America retrieving a Canadair and showed pics of derelict PBY6A.  (Editor's Note: Ice Pilots is a reality t.v. show about Buffalo Air's operations out of Hay River and Yellownife, NWT.  Joe McBryan is the owner.)

Best regards, Don 

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