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Fabric work proceeds

by Doug Roy on 01/21/12

The fabric replacement on the ailerons for FNJE has progressed very well during the last few months.  The work needed to be done but it was decided that it would be a great idea to do it before Robert Lawrence and his wife, Jolene, left Fairview in late January to join the family veterinary practice in Westlock, AB.  Robert was very instrumental in the fabric work and painting on other control surfaces done earlier in the year and we knew he was the man for the job.  Robert was up to the task and, under the direction of Henry Dechant, the Canso Crew started the replacement of fabric on the two ailerons.  The fabric was replaced, the ribs stitched and taped, layers and layers of polybrush applied, coats of polyspray were followed by silver spray and the final coats of white and orange trim -- all in just two months' of spare time work. Our special thanks to Robert for all the good work he has done to help "Save the Canso".

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