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C-FNJE as a Water Bomber with the Province of Newfoundland

by Doug Roy on 04/19/11

Another great contact from a post war pilot of C-FNJE!  A few days ago we got an email from Neil Shae of Riverview, NB (see below) with a wonderful photo of the Canso in Conception Bay, Newfoundland (photo on the front page)

     I was looking at your web site on Canso C-FNJE. I worked with the NL Government Air Service and was a canso co-pilot for the 1979 and 1980 fire seasons and C-FNJE was part of our fleet , a check in my log book indicates that I have some time on this particular canso and have fond memories. I probably have about 250 hrs all told on the canso. I have attached a photo of C-FNJE taken by Kelly’s Island, Conception Bay, Newfoundland probably 1980 or 1981 not sure.


 Neil Shea

Riverview, NB

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