More comments about the Canadian Aviation Historic Society meeting : Save the Canso - Update
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More comments about the Canadian Aviation Historic Society meeting

by Doug Roy on 05/22/11

Here is a very interesting story from Chris Templeton regarding some of his experiences with a Canso...

Shortly after the CAHS meeting in Calgary, I was contacted by author Shirlee Matheson about Save the Canso project. Shirlee knew that I had some experience  on Canso's while stationed at Sea Island in the RCAF. I was transferred  there in 1957 and we had I think 7 Cansos, 3 DC3s 2 Otters and 2 Piasecki H21 helicopters. The boat school where all RCAF Canso pilots were trained  was part of 121 Search and Rescue squadron. I was an aircraft electrician and we got to work on all aircraft and as I loved flying I went up when ever I had a chance.

I was part of the crew on a medevac trip to Prince Rupert on June 30,1959 in Canso 11041 and we had the misfortune to crash on landing in Seal Cove when the right nose door broke the front hinge and the door swung back and right through the fuselage. The aircraft front end was destroyed and the nurse on board was killed. The rest of us were picked up by a tug and some of the crew were injured but luckily survived. The Canso's were replaced by SA16 Albatross in 1960 and I had the good fortune to be picked for the last official trip for the Canso in RCAF service when we ferried 11089 from Sea Island-(now Vancouver International) to Claresholm, AB - Rivers Man-Lakehead to Toronto Downsview. It took us 17+ hours going east and we flew back in a new CP Air DC-8 in 4 hours. 

+. Great recollections

Chris Templeton 250-493-4645 email

Thanks,Chris: If you have any photos or other stories, 
please send them along.

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1. Peter J.Austin-Smith (Pete Smith, ex RCAF said on 8/3/11 - 01:18PM
Comments by Chris brought back memories of our boat school training out of Sea Island back in early 1955. We would fly over to Pat Bay to do our circuits and splashes and also practice beachings, moorings, etc. It was great fun. At mid-morning we would shut down and let the a/c drift while the crash boat would come up and we would have coffee and shrimp. What a life. One day we were basking on the wing when we heard a light a/c, then silence which was broken by a voice from above that said "hey the tower wants you", then the light a/c took off again. As for 11089, Gene Marklund and I ferried that a/c back east in Nov 1957 after delivering 11079 to Sea Island. Thanks for the memories, Chris Peter
2. Derwyn Ross said on 1/17/16 - 06:17PM
Hi Folks :-) An addition to Chris Templeton's story of PBY 11041. "Mike" Lawrence Bell Pearson was flying RCAF 11041 on a daring rescue to whit he received the Air Force Cross in 1950. then scroll down to PEARSON, Flight Lieutenant Lawrence Bell Pearson (17479) – Air Force Cross – No.103 Rescue Unit We are posting a story, pictures and link on our website. cheers Derwyn Ross

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