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Canso FNJE is in the NEWS!

by Doug Roy on 01/08/11

It's really amazing what publicity will do for a project.  It started again on Christmas Eve when the CBC radio program, alberta@noon with Donna McElligott, did a re-broadcast of an interview with Don Wieben and Henry Dechant from earlier in the year.  At that time, Donna asked the guys how things were going with Phase II of the project.  Last week's guest host of the program, Holly Preston, said a couple of times that "this was one of their favorite interviews of the year".  We had three times the usual number of hits on our website that day!

On New Years' Eve 2010, Keith Gerein of the Edmonton Journal listed his interview with the Canso Crew as "one of his most memorable interviews of the year".  Keith wrote an excellent article last year that ran in not only the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald but also in several of their affiliates.

This week, Keith did a follow-up interview with Don Wieben and me that brought the story of restoration of the Canso up to date, an excerpt of which follows: 

Alberta farmers restore Second World War-era Canso aircraft

Mammoth undertaking requires technical and artistic skills

 EDMONTON There are quilting bees, spelling bees and even baking bees.

Wednesday nights in Fairview are reserved for Canso bees.

At least that's the term being used to describe the activity inside a workshop near the northwestern Alberta town, where a group of farmers gather each week to restore their pride and joy: a Second World War-era Canso aircraft.
Read more:

The Edmonton Journal article was also picked up by the Kathryn Aviation Report at:

All of this recent activity has seen the hits on the website climb to over 250 new visits per day from all over the world.  It's amazing!  The Canso Crew thanks everyone for your interest in the savethecanso project.

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