Happy New Year from the Canso Crew : Save the Canso - Update
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The restoration is moving along very well and we want to keep everyone updated through this page.  Things may get a little slow from time to time (it's sort of like watching paint dry) but please keep checking back.

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Happy New Year from the Canso Crew

by Doug Roy on 01/01/11

My New Year Resolution is to update the blog at least once a week for 2011.  It does take time but there is alway something to report.  Stay tuned! 

Our latest email contact was from Albert Frost, of Inuvik, NWT.  Albert is the local Gwitchin trapper who was our guide and helper during the salvage of the Canso PBY from the banks of Sitidgi Lake, about 40 km east of Inuvik.  Albert hunts in this area, in fact the route he helped choose across the lake and through the tundra to get to the Dempster Highway, went right past his cabin.  Albert was a tremendous help with everything  from breaking trail with his sled to showing up at camp with pork chops for supper and bringing some old carpet for the floorless walled tent. 

Don Wieben responded to Albert's email and told him to keep his fishing rod handy for a fishing trip back to Sitidgi Lake during our Epic Journey, when the restoration is complete.

The Canso Crew wishes the very best for 2011 to everyone who is following the progress of the  restoration, Albert Frost, and all the other people who helped us in Inuvik.

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1. George Armstrong said on 1/7/11 - 07:17AM
excellent project... how can I help?
2. Richard Mallory Allnutt said on 1/8/11 - 04:37AM
Hi Doug! Great to see how things are progressing with the Canso, and I'm so glad you're putting news updates on the web. You guys have accomplished so much in such a short time! Keep up the great work! All the best, Richard

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