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Email Comment from Peter Austin-Smith (former 11094/FNJE pilot)

by Doug Roy on 08/04/11

1.Peter J.Austin-Smith (Pete Smith, ex RCAF said on 8/3/11 - 03:18PM
Comments by Chris brought back memories of our boat school training out of Sea Island back in early 1955. We would fly over to Pat Bay to do our circuits and splashes and also practice beachings, moorings, etc. It was great fun. At mid-morning we would shut down and let the a/c drift while the crash boat would come up and we would have coffee and shrimp. What a life. One day we were basking on the wing when we heard a light a/c, then silence which was broken by a voice from above that said "hey the tower wants you", then the light a/c took off again. As for 11089, Gene Marklund and I ferried that a/c back east in Nov 1957 after delivering 11079 to Sea Island. Thanks for the memories, Chris Peter

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