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Looking for a Great Uncle lost in World War II

by Doug Roy on 01/20/14

We had a recent comment on the Blog/Update from Holly at 17:03PM on 1/16/14 commented on War Years, and she said: My great uncle Francis Lawrence was a part of the 162 squadron, RCAF. He was a flight officer. His plane got shot down over the sea near Wick, Scotland. Anyone have any info on him or that squadron? He died June 14, 1944.

If anyone has any information to pass along to Holly, please let us know.

Holly:  please contact me and provide your email so we can forward some information about your great uncle.

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1. Peter J.Austin-Smith,Sr said on 9/14/14 - 12:03PM
Hi Doug: There are at least two WW2 162 Sqdn types here in Nova Scotia. Jim McRae living in Yarmouth and Dave Waterbury in Mahone Bay or Chester. They both were on a Canso that sunk a sub but they also were forced to ditch. Lost two members I believe. Peter, exRCAF 11094 pilot.

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