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We have engines and props!!!

by Doug Roy on 04/05/13

At least, FARS has an agreement with the very generous Newfoundland towns of St. Anthony and Stephenville which will allow some of the Fairview Canso Crew to travel to St. Anthony and swap display engines/props, with the two excellent low time engines/props that they currently have on their display Canso PBY FIZU.

We will soon have lots more information about the engines - the plan to exchange the engines/props and the amazing boost that FARS got from the agreement with St. Anthony and Stephenville.

In the meantime, check out their website for details on the aircraft and how they came to get their Canso PBY from the Newfoundland Government, for a static display: http://www.town.stanthony.nf.ca/tourist_park.php

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1. Warren Booth said on 6/1/13 - 12:20PM
Were just west of Borden SK, just went by the motor home and trailer with engines on it! Gave them a thunbs up on the way by. Nice to see people are looking after those old birds. I spent a few summers in northern SK working on them (AME) NJB, NJF, UAW were being used as water bombers. Had a blast and a some long days and nights! Good luck.
2. Sonny Covin said on 11/13/13 - 07:23AM
Hi, my name is Sonny Covin I was flying PBY's for a lot of years with the Flying Firemen from Sydney B.C. and presently I am one of the TCPS directors. I would love to come up and see your PBY and perhaps help in any way I can. I live in Leduc, Ab. and this morning I'm renewing my ATR with an expensive medical. I think 150.00 is too much to pay in order to fly. Lol. If you Google Sonny Covin you might come up with some interesting information. The Flying Firemen and who were they. When I started to fly Beech 18's my boss was Orville Wieben is Don related to him I wonder. He was probably the second best boss I ever had next to Mike Pearson of the FF. We were both in the RCAF and had plenty of stories to tell. My phone numbers are 1 780 980 0550 H 1 780 222 1850 Cell Love the work you guys are doing. The last fire bomber I flew was a mitchell B 25 in Fort Smith back in 1984.

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