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New photos of War Years

by Doug Roy on 01/21/13

One of the unexpected, but always pleasant, side benefits of the Save the Canso project is the contacts developed with those outstanding veterans of World War II and stories they have to tell about the time they spent defending their country.  Our most recent contact has been from Patricia Adams who found our website and told us that her father, Bev Glover, had been in Reykjavik, Iceland at the end of the war and had flown on Cansos.  Bev said she didn't know much more than that.  When we asked if she had any photos of her dad, she sent the pictures shown in the BLOG-PHOTOS link below.

When we received the photos, I was amazed to see that the first name on the back of the "Finished Crew" photo was none other than our friend and Save the Canso project supporter, H.Burns (Hal, or Harry Burns, as he was known during the War).  I phoned Hal to tell him of the new contact and he immediately said that he remembered his crew member, Bev Glover, almost 70 years later...  I emailed Pat to tell her what Hal had to say and she responded as follows:      

Hi Doug    I am thrilled, and astounded, at the chances that a connection like this can be made through technology. Unfortunately my dad passed away August 1st, 2004. He would be thrilled to know that I have come in contact with some of his war buddies. It was when he became ill that I heard some of his war stories. That, and the pipe band music. I would love it if you could forward the pictures to Hal, and put the story on the web page. My dad would have been so proud. I am going to try to send you a scanned copy of the News Letter. Feel free to send a copy to Hal. I am going to try to send it to you sometime this weekend.  

Thank You so much.  My dad and I were really close; this brought a tear to my eye.      Pat Adams    

To see Pat's photos, please click on the link below:

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1. James M McRae said on 3/26/13 - 05:03AM
The New Photos include pictures of Ted Hagerstone and Kilroy. Both these were members of my crew for a time.

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