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Nose Wheel Doors and much, much more!

by Doug Roy on 11/21/10

Don and Marg Wieben just got back from a trip to Nanaimo, BC where they met with Steve Butler, who has purchased the Canso C-FNJB that has been sitting there at the airport for many years.  Their discussions lead to the purchase of most of the contents of the old Sea-Can full of parts that sat near the aircraft for years.  Mr. Butler had done a great job of sorting through the parts and getting them up on shelves so Don was able to find a number of items that we need for our restoration program - most notably a pair of new nose wheel doors - the one's on our Canso FNJE were badly damage at the time of the accident on Sitidgi Lake, NWT while attempting to pickup a load of water while fighting nearby forest fires.  Please check out the new You Tube on the front page where Don talks about the doors.


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