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More WAR YEARS contacts!

by Doug Roy on 12/19/10

We were recently contacted by the grandson of a former Flight Engineer on 11094 (FNJE).  Andrew King found our site and sent the following email.  Check out the photos and copies of Alex King's logbook on the main page under the WAR YEARS button 

I found your Save the CANSO website while doing some research on my grandfather. My grandfather, Sgt Alex G King, was the flight engineer on your particular Canso on seven uneventful missions over the Atlantic. At least thats what his Flying Log book states anyway. Also of note is that he flew several missions with Flt Lt Jim McRae on this aircraft and several other Cansos.

Alas he passed away in 1979. But I thought your team may find this info interesting.


MCpl Andrew King
Canadian Airforce (I don't fly I fix computers..)
Geilenkirchen Germany

So asked Andrew if it would be OK to forward his message to James McRae to see if he had anything add to the story.  James sent back the following:

Hi Doug and Andrew:
    Thanks for your email, Roy, with the attached pictures.
    My log book only records the names of the pilot and co-pilot so I couldn't do a complete check. However, I managed to find some crew lists that do apply.
    Towards the end of 1944 I brought Canso 9791 back to Canada from Iceland. We took off from Reykjavik on 26 Dec. but were recalled after about 2 1/2 hour due to weather. On the 29th we made it to BW1 in Greenland and on the 30th we completed the trip to Scoudouc, NB. Here's a list of that crew. Myself, pilot - ,Reg Clarke, co-pilot - S/L Jim Thompson, Navigator -  P/O O'Donnell -  F/O Jim Somerville -  Sgt. Brackney -  F/S Wagner -  Sgt KING, and Wo2 Wright. That must ring a bell, Andrew.
    When we got back to Iceland on 28 Feb 1945 I only needed a few more hours on operations to complete my tour. On 2 March I did an anti sub sweep in 11094. On 3 March I did another trip in 11092. On 5 March we landed at Stornoway. The crew for that trip besides myself were F/O Clarke, T. J. O'Donnell, GJ Bunnell, Jim Somerville, WO2 AL Wright, Sgt. JR Brackney, F/s HG Wegner, and Sgt  AG KING. (Wegner and Wagner, above, are probably the same guy)
    Quite a few of those names appear on the pictures you sent.
    Andrew, would check your grandfathers log book to see if he flew with Danny McNamara or Howie Thom. I believe that part of Danny's crew were with me on the trip back to Canada noted above. McNamara was scheduled to make that trip but  couldn't, due to medical problems. The pilot kneeling second from the left in the picture without mae wests looks like him. I knew Sommerville quite well, and I played bridge in the mess quite often with Howie Thom. I didn't get to know many of the others too well.
    I hope this has been helpful.
    I hope you have a nice Christmas and New Year.
    Cheers, Jim

Thanks to James and Andrew

Our list of people who have at one time or another been part of a flying or maintenance crew on 11094 continues to grow.  We are very happy about being able to record this information as it is such an important part the story of 11094/C-FNJE.  Don't forget to check out the WAR YEARS button.

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