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The Fabric Shop is CLOSED (for now)

by Doug Roy on 07/03/11

Since December, 2010 fabric work has been going on Norbert Luken's farm shop, just outside of Fairview, and we are finally finished for now.  The months of work have really paid off and resulted in two re-finished ailerons, the rudder and two stabilizer extensions.  A very special thanks to Norbert and Janice for making space and putting up with our frequent visits to the shop.

Under the guidance of Floyd Stromsted from Grimshaw, the Fabric Crew took the stripped down frame, some of which had required repair, and learned the process of applying fabric, gluing down, applying poly-brush, tightening the material with a warm iron, more poly-brush, pinked edges, poly-paint, silver for UV protection and then the final coats of colour (white and orange).  Please check out the front page of the website for photos and video.  

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